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If you are planning a visit to Zion Canyon, Springdale, and Zion National Park you’ll want to check out the Zion Canyon Visitors Bureau for information about activities, lodging, and restaurants in our area.

Please note that there are many Pet Friendly Hotels in our area, but  pets are not allowed on the Zion National Park shuttles or trails, so Doggy Dude Ranch is the perfect alternative for your furry family member while you out hiking or exploring in the park. Find more Zion Canyon information at:


Zion is Utah’s original National Park. Tourists and outdoor lovers from all over the world travel to Southeast Utah each year to experience the massive sandstone cliffs, slot canyons, and  unique array of dessert life in Zion. If Zion is your destination and you are traveling with your pets, be sure to treat them to some fun at Doggy Dude Ranch!

For more information about Zion, visit the National Park’s official website:

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