Vaccinations – Proof of vaccinations are required for all guests. We follow U.C Davis vaccination protocol.

Rabies – Required after 6 months of age.

DA2PP (Distemper and Parvo) – Every three years as adults.

Bordatella – Although many vets in the area recommend receiving the Bordetella (nasal) shot every 6 months, this is not a requirement. Please note that Bordetella is similar in nature to the human flu – although the vaccination is a great prevention – it does not cover all strains of Bordetella.

This means that any dog boarding at any dog facility may still acquire some strain of this “flu”. We take every measure possible to ensure protection, but should your dog come home with this “flu” we recommend calling your veterinarian 
or Titer Test Results

Seniors and Puppies – Call or Email us regarding vaccination requirements.
 We welcome dogs and cats 8 weeks and up with proof of age-appropriate vaccinations.
 Spaying and Neutering is strongly recommended but not required.
 If your un-spayed female pet is in season, please bring panties along. (Panties can be purchased at your local pet store.)

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